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Erotic Pleasures Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts and we would love to see your work! We are currently accepting manuscripts in the erotic genres, including but not limited to erotica, erotic romance and paranormal erotic. We understand that the erotic genre is very broad and comes in many levels, which is why every manuscript is individually evaluated. Our goal is to find and publish steamy stories about passion, power and relationships in order to stimulate the readers imagination.

We are a royalty paying, full-service publisher. This means there are no fees to the author to become published with us. If accepted you will earn up to 35% of the cover price while also receiving worldwide exposure to your work. If we at Erotic Pleasures Publishing decide to accept your manuscript you will get paid monthly and within days of us receiving a check from the distributers. As a full-service publisher, we will also handle your marketing and promotions. We believe the marking of a book is just as important as the book itself, which is why each author and book will be promoted in the ways we see fit.

If you are under the age of 18, you are required to have parental approval in order to submit your manuscripts. You must have the permission stated on the first page of your manuscript, along with the name and contact information of your guardian.

We are unable to accept everything we receive, if you don’t receive a response to your submission within 30 days it means we are unable to publish your work at this time and by no means is it a reflection of your work.